Current Japanese Fashion
The time trend is very popular in Japan pompous dresses are combined with crowns and flower sandals, dabble in the world of Asian fashion with this beautiful dress.

Hippie fashion had its boom in the ’60s in the USA was a beautiful culture that is based on peace, love, harmony among others. Japan currently hosts a series of mergers between modern and classic where the outfits with hippie touches stand out from this with this dress

If you have a boyfriend this fashion is for you. In society and in anime, this fashion is generally reflected, the girl and her boyfriend wear the same clothes the first day after they have started their relationship and on special dates.

Young women who start their professional career should be dressed according to their work, although the strict rules of office clothes seem to bore many, some manage to take their style to the work field and surprise with formal pieces in super feminine colors combined nail art and Decoden on your cell phones.