The content I bring to you today is still about the two-dimensional COSPLAY. Speaking of the COSPLYA, I can’t talk about it not only for three days and three nights. After all, there are too many such excellent works, whether they are beautiful men or cute soft girls Anyway, you can definitely feast your eyes. Of course, there are people outside the world,don’t praise it once see a group of excellent works. After all, things like COSPLAYA are not beautiful and only perfectly restored. Well, I do n’t talk much nonsense, so let ’s take a look at today ’s excellent work-Future Warrior Need for COSPLAY.

First of all, let’s start with the appearance of the female coser. Short hair gives a refreshing feeling. After all, it is the future warrior. If he shows his hair, it will only reduce the overall positive effect. The second is the coat of this female coser. She chose a black tights. In fact, in addition to showing her slim body, this choice of clothes also has a detail performance. This detail performance is the dexterity of the soldier When you are a good warrior, do you choose light and flexible clothing or a lot of clothes? If you let me choose, I will definitely choose the former, after all, dexterity can often save you many times in times of crisis.

Future Warrior Need Cosplay

Of course, in addition to the excellent COS in clothing and appearance, this female coser also has an excellent photographer. Take a look at the overall effect of this group of positives. Whether it is in the late stage or the shooting angle of the characters, I will choose to add a chicken leg to the photographer to eat. The light blue background light makes the whole person have a sense of mystery. This mystery can be said to match this character very well. The second blue background light echoes the female coser’s tights, creating a a feeling unique to future soldiers. Holding the future technology to match with a pair of cool eyes, “duang” this kind of “sweet crit” from coser makes me really drool three thousand feet, praise!

Of course, for this coser’s positive film, if I adopt a 10-point full-point scoring mode, I will choose to give her 9.5 points. As for the remaining 0.5 point deduction, we can take a look at the 2nd , 3rd, 5th positives. Obviously, whether it is viewed from the east-south and north-south angles of the coser, or evaluated from the post-production of the photographer, this group of positives can be said to be a group of top-quality COSPLAY, but often the big films are the most detail-oriented, if you do n’t even pay attention to details If it is perfunctory, then what is the significance of this group of positives? So if possible, I still hope that I do n’t go to crowded places as much as possible in the framing, otherwise it is easy to give people a sense of violation. The meaning of cosplay is to restore my favorite characters, so in this small place I still hopes coser will pay attention.

Future Warrior Need Cosplay

Of course, this set of positives is still good in the overall viewing effect. After all, the black tights are quite able to set off the perfect body of this female coser, so I evaluate the brightest costumes in the audience that are definitely black tights. If it is not bright, how can it cause netizens to comment that the female coser’s clothes are too smooth? Obviously, this female coser caters to the tastes of many audiences in the selection of costumes in order to get so many praises. In the end, I still wants to express his deep gratitude to the producers of this group of positive films, and thank them for the wonderful COSPLAY positive films they brought us.

Finally, thank you friends for your serious watching and encouragement. Here, the editor will continue to cheer for you to bring more high-quality anime content and COS pictures of the second element.