A popular rule in the cos circle – do not look at the value, I believe many people have heard. But when we saw that coser, did you really think so? In fact, it may not be necessary to ask myself if I am very concerned about the value of the face. Many people may think like me. So, is Cosplay going to look at the face? I think it is a discussion of the score.

Do you want to look at the face in cosplay

Whether it conforms to the anime character itself

For professional cosers, the value of the face is a weapon, but also the focus of attracting the attention of the audience. There are many anime characters in the second element, some are beautiful, some are ordinary, and some even seem strange. If you are out of a character cos with a very good shape, let’s take a picture. Let’s say that Rem is so beautiful. If the shape of the person who is out of her cos is not so good, I believe many people will silently swear in the heart. : The ugliness of this cos is not in line with the role. But if you are out of a role similar to Altman, Kamen Rider who can’t even see his face, then it doesn’t matter if you look at it, because you can’t see people’s faces at all. Therefore, the appearance of the anime character itself is very relevant to Cosplay.

Whether professional

Just ask a question, what is the ugly professional coser? The vast majority of cosers I have seen in the exhibition, the shape conditions are absolutely not bad, are very good. In this era of looking at the face, in order to get more attention, it is very important to grasp the first impression of others, as is Cosplay. A beautiful coser and a general cose are in front of you, 99% of people will choose to look good, and 1% will look blind. For professional cosers, the value of the face is very important and definitely the first. But if you are just an amateur coser, and occasionally come out with Cosplay to entertain yourself and satisfy your own mood, then the value of the face can be done without hindrance.

Do you want to look at the face in cosplay

Post processing picture

Some people may say that long and not good looks, now the image processing technology can be developed, the fat picture is processed into a thin child, the ordinary person picture is processed into a peerless beauty, there is photoshop, what kind of high face value can not handle it? I am so embarrassed and admire! It is true that image processing technology is very developed nowadays. Many people take a selfie before the circle of friends. However, the Cosplay photo is not the same as ordinary self-timer. To produce a high-quality C picture, post-production is very troublesome. The details of the scene are time-consuming and energy-intensive, and it is not just that simple. So I think Cosplay, which has a higher value, is also very beneficial for the later generations, saving time and cost. What do you think?